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Yummy Foooooood


Pulled Pork, Sriracha & Guacamole Grilled Cheese

In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style and Animal Fries with Chopped Peppers

Meat Sauce & Pappardelle

Juicy Cheeseburger

Bacon Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kebabs

Juicy Double Cheeseburger

Nutella & Marshmellow French Toast

After-hours Double Stack Burger with Halloumi, Emmanthal, Cheddar, Chorizo, Beef Chilli, Onion Rings, Spicy Satay amongst others…

Chik-Fil-A Pizza

Fried Chicken Sandwich….. & A Glass Of Wine

Grilled Lobster Tail with Loaded Baked Potato.


Cheesy Bacon Cowboy Burger with Onion Rings